How to Start a Arizona Nonprofit

You are passionate about your cause, and you can’t wait to start your nonprofit, begin operating and serving your purpose! 

But you’ve found that the process of preparing the legal, financial, and tax documents to be both frustrating, confusing, or just too time consuming.

Some of our clients have found it so confusing, we have written “How to Start a Nonprofit in California,” available as a free E-Book download.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

We are a firm with extensive experience in representing San Diego nonprofits, and we offer a complete, start-up package for new public charities. The package includes:

  • Reserving the Desired Name with California Secretary of State
  • Drafting and Filing Articles of Incorporation, Association, or Equivalent
  • Drafting of Custom Bylaws, Tailored Specifically to Nonprofit Corporations
  • Obtaining Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Drafting and Filing of Powers of Attorney (Form 2848 and 3520-BE);
  • IRS Exemption Application (Form 1023 or 1024) and Related Statements
  • California: Franchise Tax Board Exemption Application
  • Attorney General Initial Registration
  • Response to IRS Follow-up Questions, if any;
  • Digital Corporate Binder;
  • An Operational Action Calendar, Including Governance and Compliance Deadlines;
  • Providing Start-Up Checklist of Common Tasks.

The estimate of cost we provide during an in-depth strategy session is based on the nature of your organization’s proposed activities, anticipated annual revenue, and our experience regarding the level of additional documentation and follow-up with the IRS that will be required to obtain an exemption.

Certain activities increase the likelihood of IRS follow-up questions. These include, by way of example, schools, hospitals, organizations with foreign activities, and organizations basing their tax exemption on novel or untested theories.

We invite you to review a list of our representative clients, review some of their recommendations, and to contact us for an In-Depth Strategy Session with an Attorney. Learn about the process of forming a nonprofit organization in San Diego, achieving tax-exempt status and giving your nonprofit the best possible start.